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What Is Enterprise Change Approval?

Updated at: Jun 09, 2021 GMT+08:00


Enterprise Change Approval is a database DevOps console designed for secure database access and operations as well as collaboration between system administrators, DBAs, and users. By combining automatic change risk detection and permission approval processes, Enterprise Change Approval keeps data change secure and improves development efficiency. For enterprises, Enterprise Change Approval is a much better choice.


  • DB instances are added by DBAs. Developers no longer have access to database usernames and passwords.
  • Approval processes can be customized based on the enterprise business features and management needs. Operation permissions, such as data query and structure modification, can be granted at the minimum level of database.
  • Each database has an owner role, which is designed for the business supervisor. User with this role can manage the access permissions to the database.
  • All the operations, including user login, SQL query, and data modification, can be audited.
  • The maximum number of rows returned in each SQL query can be customized for each database.
  • During data modification, rows containing the modified data can be automatically backed up.
  • The number of rows affected by the modification can be automatically verified to prevent developers from executing unexpected SQL statements.
  • Data fields can be masked or tagged with sensitivity labels to protect the core data.
  • With the customized approval process, DBAs can grant SQL modification permissions to developers and service owners so that DBAs can focus on valuable works and the development efficiency is improved.

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