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Enabling Enterprise Change Approval

Updated at: Jun 09, 2021 GMT+08:00

Enterprise Change Approval is not provided as a tenant-level resource and is not shared among IAM users of the same tenant if not configured.

Users can view only the enterprises they have joined. You can access a desired enterprise and choose System Management > User Management to manage users, such as synchronizing IAM users.


  1. In the navigation pane on the left, choose Enterprise Change Approval.

    • Currently, only MySQL, DDM, and GaussDB(for MySQL) DB instances are supported.
    • Enterprise specifications can be upgraded only. Select a proper instance quantity during the purchase.

  2. Click Enable Enterprise in the upper right corner of the page. On the displayed page, set parameters as prompted.

    Figure 1 Yearly/Monthly
    Figure 2 Pay-per-use

  3. After the settings are complete, click Buy Now in the lower part of the page.
  4. On the Confirm page, confirm the settings.

    • If you need to modify the settings, click Previous to modify parameters.
    • If all the settings are correct, click Submit and pay for the order.

  5. After the payment is complete, view the enterprise information, such as the administrator, specifications, billing mode, joined time, enabled time, and expiration date, on the Enterprise Change Approval page.
  6. If you access an enterprise for the first time by clicking Access Enterprise, a page will be displayed for you to set the enterprise name. Enter a name and click OK. You can also click to change the enterprise name.
  7. Click Access Enterprise. On the displayed Home page, perform operations as required.

    Billing details of Enterprise Change Approval:

    • Yearly/Monthly: provides a larger discount than pay-per-use. Therefore, it is cost-effective for long-term subscribers.
    • If your enterprise specifications are not what you expected, choose Billing Center > My Orders to change the setting.

      On the displayed page, choose Unsubscriptions and Changes. For details, click Unsubscription Rules on the current page.

    • Pay-per-use: You are charged based on the resource usage by hour. Partial hours are billed as full hours.
    • When enabling Enterprise Change Approval, select the instance quantity carefully because fees are deducted as soon as you click Buy Now. After an enterprise is enabled, you can change its specifications by choosing More > Change Specification.
    • If you want to stop the pay-per-use billing, choose More > Delete.

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