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User Management

Updated at: Jun 09, 2021 GMT+08:00

Adding a User

  1. On the top menu bar, choose System Management > User Management.
  2. On the User Management page, click Add User in the upper left corner.
  3. In the displayed dialog box, set user information as required.

    Table 1 Adding users




    Includes Manually add, Synchronize IAM user, and Synchronize EPS user.

    • Manually add: Enter the user information. If multiple users need to be added, separate the user IDs with semicolons (;).
    • Synchronize IAM User: Select IAM users to be synchronized from available users.
    • Synchronize EPS User: Select an enterprise project and a user group, and then select EPS users from available users.


    Includes common user, DBA, and administrator.

  4. After settings are complete, click OK.
  5. Enable, disable, and remove the user if needed.

    Figure 1 User list
    • Edit

      Edit the user information, such as the alias, role, employee ID, mobile number. User information can be edited only when the user status is normal.

    • Enable/Disable

      Enable or disable an added user as required to manage permissions.

      The user who enabled the current enterprise cannot be disabled.

    • Remove

      Remove users who are no longer required. After a user is removed, related user data cannot be restored. Exercise caution when performing this operation.

    • View Permissions

      Click View Permissions. On the displayed page, view permissions owned by this user on each database by database permission, database DBA, or database owner. You can also release permissions if needed.

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