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Creating a Collection

Updated at: Sep 29, 2020 GMT+08:00


You have logged in to a DDS DB instance on the DAS console.


  1. On the top menu bar, choose Database Management.
  2. On the displayed Objects page, select Collections, and click New Collection.
  3. On the displayed page, enter the collection name. You can select Capped collection, Auto index, and No padding as required.

    • Capped collection: Set the maximum number of bytes and the maximum number of documents. If the specified value is reached, an error is reported. The value specified must be greater than 0.
    • Auto index: Automatically create an index on the _id field.
    • No padding: A storage policy that eliminates the need to reserve storage space for the growth of a record when inserting it.

  4. After setting the collection information, click OK. The collection that you have created appears in the collection list, and you can perform operations on it.

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