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Real-Time Performance

Updated at: Jun 09, 2021 GMT+08:00


  1. On the top menu bar, choose Intelligent O&M > Real-Time Performance.
  2. On the displayed page, select Single instance performance and click Setting in the upper right corner.

    Figure 1 Real-time performance of a single instance

  3. Select Multi-instance performance and select another instance, rather than the current one. In the upper right corner, click Setting to view the differences between the metrics of the two instances.

    Figure 2 Performance comparison

  4. On the Multi-instance performance board page, click Add Instance in the upper left corner to add other instances. Click Setting in the upper right corner to view the metric differences between two instances.

    Table 1 Setting metrics



    Slow Queries

    Difference between two adjacent slow query collection points.

    QPS | TPS

    QPS: Number of SQL statement executions per second.

    TPS: Number of transactions executed per second.


    Total: Number of enabled connections.

    Active: Number of active connections among the enabled ones.

    DML Executions

    select: Number of SELECT statement executions per second.

    insert: Number of INSERT statement executions per second.

    update: Number of UPDATE statement executions per second.

    delete: Number of DELETE statement executions per second.

    insert_select: Number of INSERT and QUERY statement executions per second.

    InnoDB Cache

    Cache Hit Ratio: Cache hit ratio.

    Cache Usage: Cache usage.

    InnoDB Accessed Rows

    rows_read: Number of rows read from an InnoDB storage engine table.

    rows_inserted: Number of rows inserted into an InnoDB storage engine table.

    rows_updated: Number of rows updated in an InnoDB storage engine table.

    rows_deleted: Number of rows deleted from an InnoDB storage engine table.

    Logical Reads | Physical Reads

    Logic Reads: Number of logical reads per second.

    Physical Reads: Number of physical reads per second.

    InnoDB Average Row Lock Duration (ms)

    Average lock time of InnoDB row locks. The unit is ms.

    InnoDB Row Lock Waits

    Average InnoDB Row Lock Waits: Average wait times of InnoDB row locks.

    Current InnoDB Row Lock Waits: Number of current waits of InnoDB row locks.

    Temporary Tables | Files

    Temporary tables: Number of temporary tables that are automatically created during SQL statement execution.

    Temporary files: Number of temporary files that are automatically created during SQL statement execution.

    Network Traffic

    Total: Total incoming and outgoing traffic of an instance.

    Incoming: Incoming traffic of an instance.

    Outgoing: Outgoing traffic of an instance.

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