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Creating a Table

Updated at: Mar 20, 2020 GMT+08:00


You have obtained the login permission and logged in to the database management page.


  1. In the navigation tree on the left, right-click Tables under the target database and choose Create Table from the shortcut menu.
  2. On the Basic Information tab, specify the basic information about the table. On the Indexes tab, create indexes for the table. On the Foreign Keys tab, create a foreign key for the table, and then click Save.

    Table 1 Field description



    Basic Information

    Table Name

    Contains 1 to 128 characters.


    Supports 13 schemas, for example, dbo and guest.

    Table Lock Escalation

    Provides three options: AUTO, TABLE, DISABLE.


    Contains 0 to 512 characters.

    Column Information

    Column Name

    Contains 1 to 128 characters.


    Supports 36 types, for example, bigint and binary.

    Primary Key

    This parameter is mandatory when it is set to the primary key.


    1. integer: indicates the value of different integer types. Different types have different value ranges.
    2. char: indicates a string that contains any character.
    3. binary: indicates a digit and hexadecimal digit.
    4. date: indicates the date function in date format of a system.
    5. float: indicates the floating point number, which complies with the restrictions on the number of decimal places. p indicates the total number of digits, and s indicates the number of digits after the decimal point. 0 is less than or equal to s, s is less than or equal to p, and p is less than or equal to 38.
    6. money: supports floating point numbers and currency symbols with floating point numbers.

    Foreign Key

    Primary Key Table

    Existing tables in the database This parameter is unavailable when a table is created for the first time.

    Primary Key Column

    Unique index column in the primary key table


    Index Name

    Contains 1 to 128 characters.

    Clustered or Not

    Only one index in a table can be clustered. The default primary key is clustered. Therefore, if there is a primary key, an index cannot be set to clustered.

    Check Constraints

    Constraint Name

    Contains 1 to 128 characters.


    Expressions that can be identified by the database.


    Contains 0 to 512 characters.

  3. In the displayed dialog box, click Execute. After a message appears indicating that the table is created, click Close.

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