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Emergency Channel

Updated at: Sep 29, 2020 GMT+08:00


  • Emergency Channel
    1. If the maximum number of sessions for an instance has been reached and the instance cannot be logged in to, you can view and kill unnecessary sessions through the emergency channel.
    2. Emergency channel is available to only RDS MySQL databases currently, but not to self-built databases on ECSs and instances in creating, frozen, or abnormal state.
    3. Use this function in urgent conditions. All your kill operations will be recorded in logs.
    4. If your instance can be logged in to on the DAS console, log in to the instance and perform desired operations through Real-Time Sessions.
    5. Sessions of sensitive users, like rdsadmin, rdsbackup, and rdsmetric, cannot be killed.
  • History Logs

    On the History Logs tab page, you can view all your kill operations through the emergency channel.


  • The DB engine is MySQL. The MySQL 5.6 version is or later, and MySQL 5.7 version is or later.


  1. On the Emergency Channel tab page, select the sessions you want to kill. By default, the sessions are sorted in descending order by session duration.
  2. Click Kill. In the displayed dialog box, click Yes.

  3. On the History Logs tab page, view your sessions killed through the emergency channel.

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