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Intelligent Parameter Recommendation

Updated at: May 14, 2020 GMT+08:00


Combining the current performance data, the system uses AI to forecast a set of parameter settings suitable to your instance.

  • Only RDS DB instances support this function. Self-built databases on ECSs do not.
  • Only RDS MySQL instances with 2 vCPUs or above are supported currently. You need to enter the login username and password and click Remember Password.
  • The intelligent forecast and analysis program is a background scheduled task, which is executed once an hour. The recommended result may be delayed. Please wait.


You have logged in to the DAS console.


  1. In the navigation pane on the left, choose Cloud DBA > Intelligent Parameter Recommendation.
  2. On the displayed page, select an instance and click OK.
  3. In the diagnosis list, locate the target diagnosis and click View Diagnosis Result in the Operation column.

  4. On the displayed page, there are two tabs, Result and QPS Prediction.

    • On the Result tab, view the diagnosis result and recommendations for each instance parameter. The diagnosis result includes the total number of diagnosed parameters, parameters that can be optimized, and parameters that require instance reboot after optimization. The recommendations include the recommended value and value range for each parameter.

      You can click Go to RDS to modify the parameter settings for the instance.

      Or, retain the current settings and click Cancel to close the page.

    • On the QPS Prediction tab, the graph shows you the predicted database performance if you modify the database parameters to the recommended settings.

      The two curves in the QPS prediction graph indicate the current QPS and the predicted QPS after parameter modification, respectively. You can view the database performance changes though the two curves.

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