Updated on 2022-07-07 GMT+08:00

Adding a Custom CIDR Block


If you use Cloud Connect together with another cloud service, such as NAT Gateway, Direct Connect, or VPN, you need to add a custom CIDR block to the cloud connection, so that the VPCs you load to the cloud connection can communicate with the service.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Hover on the upper left corner to display Service List and choose Networking > Cloud Connect.
  3. In the cloud connection list, locate the cloud connection and click its name.
  4. Click Network Instances.
  5. Locate the network instance and click its name.
  6. In the lower right area, click Modify VPC CIDR Block.
  7. Click Advanced Settings.
  8. Enter the CIDR block in the Other CIDR Block text box and click Add.
  9. Click OK.