Updated on 2023-10-24 GMT+08:00

Assigning an Inter-Region Bandwidth


If network instances are in the same region, they can communicate with each other by default after they are loaded to one cloud connection. If network instances are in different regions, you need to assign inter-region bandwidths to ensure normal network communications between the instances. By default, the system allocates 10 kbit/s of bandwidth for testing network connectivity across regions.


To provide cross-region network communications, Cloud Connect will obtain and transmit your credential and account ID from the Chinese mainland to the country or region where the network instances you want to connect to are running for identity verification and authentication.

The credential and account ID is required only for providing services for you. If you need to use Cloud Connect for network communications, please read and agree to the Cloud Connect Service Disclaimer.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Hover on the upper left corner to display Service List and choose Networking > Cloud Connect.
  3. In the cloud connection list, click the name of the cloud connection.
  4. Click Inter-Region Bandwidths.
  5. Click Assign Inter-Region Bandwidth.
  6. Select the regions and the bandwidth package and enter the bandwidth.
  7. Click OK.

    Now the network instances in the two regions can communicate with each other.