Updated on 2024-06-12 GMT+08:00

Creating a Cloud Connection


You need a cloud connection to connect the VPCs that you want to access.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Hover on the upper left corner to display Service List and choose Networking > Cloud Connect.
  3. On the Cloud Connections page, click Create Cloud Connection.
  4. Configure the parameters.
    Table 1 Parameters for creating a cloud connection



    Example Value


    Specifies the cloud connection name.


    Enterprise Project

    Specifies the enterprise project that cloud connection belongs to.

    An enterprise project facilitates project-level management and grouping of cloud resources and users. The name of the default project is default.

    For details about creating and managing enterprise projects, see the Enterprise Management User Guide.



    Specifies whether the cloud connection is used to connect VPCs or enterprise routers.

    If you select VPC here, only VPCs or virtual gateways can use this cloud connection.



    Identifies the cloud connection. A tag consists of a key and a value. You can add 20 tags to a cloud connection.


    If you have configured tag policies for Cloud Connect, add tags to cloud connections based on the tag policies. If you add a tag that does not comply with the tag policies, cloud connections may fail to be created. Contact your administrator to learn more about tag policies.

    • Key: cc_key1
    • Value: cc-01


    (Optional) Provides supplementary information about the cloud connection.

    The description can contain a maximum of 255 characters and cannot contain angle brackets (<>).


  5. Click OK.