Updated on 2024-05-11 GMT+08:00

Configuring the Login Password Policies

This topic describes how to configure the user password policies, including the password strength, number of password verification times, and password change period.


You have the management permissions for the System module.


  1. Log in to the CBH system.
  2. Choose System > Sysconfig > Security.
  3. In the Password Config area, click Edit.

    Complete configurations as prompted.
    Figure 1 Password Config
    Table 1 Parameters for configuring a password policy



    Strength check

    Checks password strength. It is enabled () by default.

    • : disabled
    • : enabled. A password must contain 8 to 32 characters, including letters, digits, and special characters and cannot contain spaces.

    First logon change

    Forces a user to change password upon first login to the CBH system. It is enabled () by default.

    • : disabled.
    • : enabled.

    Sameness check

    Prohibits the reuse of the latest N passwords.

    • The password used for initial login is not counted.
    • Default value: 5
    • Value range: 1 to 30

    Change cycle

    Password validity period. Users will be forced to change their passwords upon expiry.

    • Default value: 30 days
    • Value range: 0 to 90, in days
    • If the value is 0, the password never expires.

  4. Click OK. You can then check the password policy of the current system user on the Security tab.

    Figure 2 Password Config