Updated on 2022-11-30 GMT+08:00

Ticket Approval

After a ticket is created by a system user or generated by the system, the ticket goes to the specified approvers. The approvers receive a ticket approval notification in the message center. They can view tickets to be approved on the Ticket approval page.

This topic describes how to manage submitted tickets, including viewing ticket details, approving tickets, rejecting tickets, and revoking ticket.


You have the management permissions for the Ticket approval module.


  1. Log in to the CBH system.
  2. Choose Ticket > Ticket approval.

    Figure 1 Ticket approval

  3. Views details about tickets.

    In the row of a ticket you want to manage, click Manage in the Operation column. On the displayed ticket details page, view the basic information, account list, and approver list of the ticket.

    Figure 2 Ticket details

  4. Approve the ticket.

    • To approve one ticket, click Approve in the Operation column of the corresponding row.
    • To approve multiple tickets at a time, select the ones you want and click Approve in the lower left corner of the list to approve them together.

  5. Reject a ticket.

    In the row of the ticket you want to reject, click Reject in the Operation column.

  6. Cancel a ticket.

    In the row of the ticket you want to cancel the authorization, click Cancel in the Operation column.