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Updated on 2022-02-22 GMT+08:00

Creating a BMS from a Private Image


If you want to create a BMS that has the same OS and applications as an existing BMS, you can create a private image using the existing BMS and then create a BMS using the private image. This frees you from repeatedly configuring BMSs and improves efficiency.


You can create a private image using either of the following methods:


Create a BMS by following the instructions in Creating a Common BMS.

Note for setting the parameters:

  • Region: Select the region where the private image is located.
  • Flavor: OSs supported by different BMS flavors vary. For details, see OSs Supported by Different Types of BMSs. Select a flavor based on the private image OS.
  • Image: Select Private image or Shared image and select the required image from the drop-down list.
  • Disk: If the selected flavor supports quick provisioning, you are advised to increase System Disk by 2 GB or more.