Updated on 2023-05-05 GMT+08:00

Buying Again

When you renew a pay-per-use package after the traffic in the package has been used up, you may encounter a situation where you cannot use the package due to interrupted use. You can purchase the package again. It can be selected to take effect immediately or at a specified time.

Application Scope

This operation is only applicable for the pay-per-use package of atomic products. You cannot buy composite atomic products again but have to renew them.


  1. Go to the Renewals page.
  2. Set the search criteria.

  3. Locate the pay-per-use package you want to buy again on the Renewals page and click Buy Again in the Operation column.

  4. Confirm the package information, usage duration, and effective time, and click Pay.

    • The OBS 40GB storage package, OBS 50GB outbound traffic package, and VBS 40GB resource package cannot be bought again.
    • Suspended pay-per-use packages cannot be bought again.
    • You can specify the effective time only when buying a pay-per-use package of the IEF, OBS, VBS, and CSBS atomic products again. For other cloud service atomic products, it will take effect immediately after you buy them again.

  5. Select discounts and a payment option, and click Pay.