Updated on 2024-05-28 GMT+08:00

Modifying Auto-Renewal

After enabling auto-renewal, you can change the renewal period. However, you cannot modify auto-renewal information for instances no longer available.


  1. Go to the Renewals page.
  2. On the Auto Renewals page, click Modify Auto-Renew in the Operation column for the desired instance.

    • The instances for which auto-renewal has been enabled are moved to the Auto Renewals page. Modify auto-renewal for these instances on the Auto Renewals page.
    • If the Modify Auto-Renew button is not displayed, click More > Modify Auto-Renew to display it.

  3. Renewal Option is Automatical by default, indicating that the system will automatically renew your instances upon expiration. You can change the auto-renewal period and number of auto-renewals.

    • New Auto-Renew Period: indicates how often an instance is automatically renewed.

      As shown in the preceding figure, if New Auto-Renew Period is changed to 3 months, the system automatically renews the subscription term every three months and charges the renewal fee for three months each time.

    • Reset Auto-renewals: By default, this option is not selected. You can select this option, and set the number of auto-renewals to Unlimited or the required value.
    • For instances for which auto-renewal has been enabled, you can view the auto-renewal period and remaining auto-renewal times on the Auto-Renewals tab.

  4. Click OK.