Updated on 2022-09-27 GMT+08:00

Renewal Rules

You can renew your yearly/monthly subscribed resources. If a resource has entered the grace period or retention period, the renewed period starts from the original expiration time (excluding the grace period or retention period).

Rule Description

Note the following rules for a renewal:

  • Reserved instance resources are not renewable.
  • Pay-per-use resources and spot instance resources are not renewable.
  • Resources with a pending specification change, that is, yearly/monthly resources for which a specification change order has been submitted but has not been paid, are not renewable.
  • Unsubscribed or released resources are not renewable.
  • Yearly/monthly resources that have been transitioned or are being transitioned to pay-per-use billing mode are not renewable.
  • If a yearly/monthly resource has supplementary resources, to ensure that the yearly/monthly resource and the supplementary resources have the same expiration time, the yearly/monthly resource is not renewable until the supplementary resources have been provisioned successfully.

Rules for an integrated renewal:

  • Associated resources must be renewed as a whole. Attached resources can be renewed as a whole or separately.
  • Solution portfolio products, fine-grained packages, and DevCloud packages must be renewed as a whole and partial renewals are not supported.
  • You can renew other package portfolio products as a whole, or partially (part of yearly/monthly subscribed resources). However, a partial renewal will terminate the portfolio subscription. As a result, you can no longer renew the portfolio product as a whole and enjoy the overall discounts.
  • The MapReduce service must be renewed as a whole.

Rules for a batch renewal:

  • Commercial use resources cannot be renewed together with pending commercial use resources.
  • Offline Dedicated Cloud cannot be included in a batch renewal.