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Issuing an Invoice

Updated at: Jul 13, 2021 GMT+08:00

HUAWEI CLOUD automatically issues invoices for your expenditures.


You do not need to request invoices. HUAWEI CLOUD automatically issues them for you.

Invoices for postpaid customers can be issued based on generated bills (the bill date is the third day of the next month).

If there is an outstanding amount caused by over-invoicing, it will be cleared after you pay.

Invoice request is not supported for customers of an enterprise. The enterprise will request invoices for them.

Customers associated with a partner by resale mode cannot have their invoices automatically issued. They need to contact the partner to request invoices.

Invoicing occurs due to the following three transaction types:

  • Invoicing for subscription: An invoice is issued when a customer pays an order online.
  • Invoicing for monthly settlement: An invoice is issued when a customer's monthly bill is generated on the third day of the next month.
  • Common invoicing: An invoice is issued when a customer tops up or withdraws money. Note that credit invoices are issued for money withdrawals.


  1. Go to the Invoices page.
  2. Click Templates.
  3. Add an invoice template.

    1. Click Create invoice template.
    2. Fill in information of the invoice such as the address.

  4. After an expenditure is successfully made, the system automatically generates an invoice.

    You can click Download to download the electronic copy of the invoice.

Tax Identification Number Rules

Enterprise customers must set up their tax identification number before invoicing. For details about the rules for setting a tax identification number, see Tax Identification Numbers Collected by HUAWEI CLOUD.

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