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Updated on 2023-11-24 GMT+08:00

Authorizing API Access

APIs using app authentication can only be called by credentials that have been authorized to call them.

  • You can authorize credentials only to call APIs that use app authentication.
  • A credential can be authorized to access a maximum of 1000 APIs.


  • You have published an API.
  • You have created an environment.
  • You have created a credential.


  1. Go to the APIG console.
  2. Select a dedicated gateway at the top of the navigation pane.
  1. Choose API Management > API Groups.
  2. Click a group name.
  3. On the APIs tab, select the target API and choose More > Authorize Credentials.
  4. Click Select Credentials.
  5. Select an environment, search for and select desired credentials, and click OK. The authorized credentials are displayed on the Authorize Credentials page.

    To cancel the authorization of a credential, click Cancel Authorization in the Operation column that contains the credential.

Follow-Up Operations

After you authorize a credential for an API, the API can be called by the credential using SDKs of different programming languages.