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Automation depends on Huawei Cloud UniAgent capabilities. It supports atomic operations such as batch script execution, file distribution, and cloud service change. It allows you to orchestrate atomic operations, and assemble them into jobs and form standard O&M processes. Automation accumulates routine O&M operations and releases them as services for standardized, automatic, and non-differentiated O&M. It frees O&M personnel from repeated and complex application change operations, improves O&M quality and efficiency, and helps enterprises transform O&M to improve value.

Function description

Table 1 Function description




Different types of tasks are provided, and cards of different atomic service scenarios can be managed.

Scheduled O&M

AOM provides functions such as creating scheduled tasks, and displays execution records of scheduled tasks.


AOM provides functions such as task execution, and displays the execution records of all tasks.


AOM provides functions such as creating parameters, and displays all existing parameter information.


AOM provides functions such as job creation and management.


AOM provides functions such as creating scripts and managing script versions.


AOM provides functions such as creating packages and managing package versions.


AOM manages accounts, access credentials, and scenarios by category.

Tool market

AOM provides different atomic service scenarios, and allows you to bring service scenario cards online or offline.