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A group is a set of devices. Groups are used for batch device operations, such as task delivery, software upgrade, and firmware upgrade. To upgrade software of a certain type of devices, first add them to a group and then select the group.

A device belongs to only one device group.

Managing a Group

  1. Choose Groups.
  2. Click buttons to add, unbind, move, or delete a group.

    Table 1 Buttons on the Groups page



    Adds a root group. The group name and description need to be specified.

    Adds a child group. The group name and description need to be specified.

    Unbinds a child group from a parent group.

    Moves a child group to a different parent group.

    Deletes the selected group. The deletion operation cannot be undone. The default group cannot be deleted.


    Deletion is classified into the following types:

    • Cascade deletion: When a parent group is deleted, its child groups are automatically deleted.
    • Individual deletion: After a parent group is deleted, its child groups become root groups. If multiple child groups exist, the corresponding number of root groups is generated. For example, parent group A has child groups B and C. If parent group A is deleted, child groups B and C become independent root groups.

    Exports the topology of all groups. This button is displayed on the right of the page when you click All Groups.

Binding/Unbinding a Device

After creating a group, you can bind a device to or unbind a device from the group, or move a device between groups.

  1. Choose Groups.
  2. Select a group, click the Device tab, and click buttons to bind, unbind, or move devices.

    Table 2 Buttons on the Device tab page



    Binds a device to a group.

    Unbinds a device from a group.


    After an SP user with the required permission or a global user unbinds a device from a group that has multiple devices bound, the user does not have the permission to view other devices under the group. In other words, the group and devices are no longer available to the user after unbinding. (A common user cannot unbind a device from a group.)

    Moves a device to another group.

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