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Creating Images

Updated at:Nov 21, 2019 GMT+08:00

You can use HUAWEI CLOUD public images to create private images based on the ECSs and other cloud resources. When purchasing cloud resources, you are advised to select general computing S3 ECSs, and you need to select a public image. After deploying products you need on the purchased ECS, perform the following steps to create a private image.

Pay attention to the following information when purchasing an ECS required for image creation on HUAWEI CLOUD:
  • General computing and general computing-plus ECSs are recommended. Memory-optimized, high-performance computing, disk-intensive, and GPU-accelerated ECSs are used by special products and are not recommended.
  • You can select ports to be opened in Security Group as required.


  1. After deploying and installing products you need on the ECS, log in to the ECS console, locate the target ECS, and choose More > Stop in the Operation column to stop the ECS.

  2. Choose More > Create Image in the Operation column on the right of the ECS.

  3. Set the value of Source to ECS, select the target ECS, fill in the name and description, and then click Next.

  4. In the navigation pane on the left, choose Image Management Service > Private Images to view the created private image.

    Save the ECS login password for image buyers when creating a Windows private image.

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