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What Are the Important Statements of SMS?

Updated at: Jun 12, 2020 GMT+08:00
  • Source server data collection statement

    After the migration Agent is installed and configured on the source server, the migration Agent sends the source server information to SMS only for migration feasibility evaluation. For details about the source server information to be collected, see What Kind of Information About Source Servers Are Collected by SMS? To use SMS, you need to allow SMS to collect source server information.

  • License invalidity statement

    After OSs, applications, and files on source servers are migrated to target ECSs, the SID and MAC address of the server are changed. As a result, licenses of OSs and applications become invalid. SMS is not responsible for this type of problems. For Windows OS licenses, you can use the HUAWEI CLOUD license server to obtain a new license. For application licenses, you need to prepare them at your own cost.

  • Target ECS disk formatting description

    During the migration, disks on the target ECS are formatted and partitioned again. As a result, all data on the target ECS will be lost. Before the migration, back up data on the disk of the target ECS and ensure that the disk can be formatted. Otherwise, SMS is not responsible for any data loss incurred.

  • If your target ECSs on HUAWEI CLOUD cannot be started after the migration, HUAWEI CLOUD can provide technical support to help you solve the problem, but does not promise that the problems can be resolved because there are a lot of possible causes for this kind of problems.

    The possible causes are as follows:

    • The source server cannot be restarted.
    • The source server has non-standard OS configurations.
    • The source server has drivers or software that are incompatible with HUAWEI CLOUD installed.
  • To adapt source servers to HUAWEI CLOUD, SMS modifies the system configuration of the target ECSs. For details about the modifications, see What Are the Differences Between Target ECSs and Source Servers After the Migration? SMS can ensure data consistency before and after the migration but cannot ensure that your services can run properly after the migration. You need to modify related service configurations.

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