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Speech Interaction Service

Speech Interaction Service (SIS) provides a man-machine interaction mode by open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). You can obtain the speech interaction results by real-time access and API calling. 

Progressive Knowledge

SIS knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


Understanding the product introduction, application scenarios, and usage restrictions of Huawei Speech Interaction Service helps to better use the Speech Interaction Service.

Service Overview


ECSs support the deployment of websites and applications to meet your service requirements.
Web Deployment

Web Deployment


Through the open API and calling examples, you can use the ASRC APIs of the Speech Interaction Service.

API Reference


Speech Interaction Service (SIS) provides Sentence Transcription through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Getting Started

Initializing Data Disks

Be a Power User

You can modify ECS specifications, change ECS OSs, configure security group rules, and adjust quotas based on service requirements. Additionally, you can view monitoring metrics and audit logs in real time to determine ECS health statuses.

Common Operations

Network Security

Resource Management

O&M and Monitoring