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Situation Awareness

Situation Awareness (SA) is a GUI-based security event management and situation analysis platform on HUAWEI CLOUD. SA comprehensively analyzes attack events, threat alarms, and attack sources by leveraging the big data technique, making it simple for you to understand security situation across all your cloud assets.

Progressive Knowledge

SA knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


Understanding what SA can do, how SA works, and when SA is needed helps you quickly get started with SA and clearly know security posture of your entire workloads.

Service Overview


SA aggregates detection data from a variety of related services so that you can monitor all events in one place.




ECSs support the deployment of websites and applications to meet your service requirements.
Web Deployment

Web Deployment


Several ECS APIs and calling examples help you manage ECSs, disks, images, snapshots, network, and security groups.

API Reference


Currently, you can use some of SA functions for free, such as baseline inspection and integrations.

Billing Mode

Be a Power User

SA detects security risks on the cloud, making it easier for you to learn how an attack occurs and predict attack trends. You can query or view events and get suggestions before, when, and after a threat is detected.

Baseline Inspection