Updated on 2023-11-21 GMT+08:00

Instance Statuses

The status of a DB instance indicates the health of the instance. You can view the DB instance statuses on the management console.

Table 1 DB instance statuses




The instance is available.


The instance is abnormal.


The instance is being created.

Creation failed

The instance failed to be created.


The instance is being restarted.

Resetting password

The administrator password is being reset.

Adding node

Nodes are being added to an instance.

Deleting node

Nodes are being deleted from an instance.

Scaling up

The storage space of an instance is being scaled up.

Changing instance class

The vCPUs and memory of an instance are being changed.

Changing to yearly/monthly

The billing mode is being changed from pay-per-use to yearly/monthly.

Changing to pay-per-use

The billing mode is being changed from yearly/monthly to pay-per-use.

Uploading backup

The backup file is being uploaded.

Backing up

A database backup is being created.

Checking restoration

The backup of the instance is being restored to a new instance.

Configuring SSL

SSL is being enabled or disabled.


The instance is frozen because your balance drops to or below zero.


The instance is being unfrozen after the overdue payments are cleared.

Checking changes

The yearly/monthly instance is pending check when its billing mode is changed.