Updated on 2023-01-12 GMT+08:00

Operation Guide

This section describes the UGO dashboard page, migration process, and task status.


On the dashboard page, you can view UGO overview and application scenarios, database migration process guidance, and evaluation and migration project statuses. The service overview and process guidance are displayed by default. You can also hide them.

You can view statuses and quantity of existing projects. You can also click a status to view all projects in this status.

Migration Process

A complete database object migration consists of evaluation and migration. The processes are as follows.
Figure 1 Evaluation process

For details, see Evaluation Project.

Figure 2 Migration process

For details, see Migration Project.

Task Statuses

There are multiple task statuses that indicate different evaluation phases.

Different statuses are displayed in different colors in the dashboard. The following table describes the statuses.

Table 1 Evaluation project statuses




Evaluation project

In progress

The project has been created, but the target database has not been selected.


The project being created or re-evaluated was manually stopped.


A target database has been selected and confirmed.


An exception occurs during the evaluation.

Table 2 Migration project statuses




Migration project


The project passes the permission check of the target database.

Not ready

The project failed to pass the permission check of the target database.