Updated on 2023-11-27 GMT+08:00

Creating a Private Image

IMS provides full-lifecycle management for private images, including creating, replicating, sharing, and exporting private images. You can choose a proper method to migrate services to the cloud or on the cloud with the cooperation of other services, such as ECS and OBS.

Private images include system disk images, data disk images, and full-ECS images. Private images are created from ECSs or external image files. A private image is available only to the user who created it and the user with whom it has been shared.

Table 1 Methods of creating private images

Private Image Type



System disk image

A system disk image contains an OS and applications for running services. You can use a system disk image to create ECSs and migrate your services to the cloud.

Data disk image

A data disk image contains only service data. You can use a data disk image to create EVS disks and migrate your service data to the cloud.

Full-ECS image

A full-ECS image contains an OS, applications, and service data for running services.

The following sections use examples to describe how to create a system disk image.