Updated on 2024-02-22 GMT+08:00

Step 4: Confirm

Confirming the Order

  1. On the Confirm page, view details about the ECS configuration.

    To learn more about the price, click Pricing details.

  2. Select the required duration and quantity for the ECS.
    • Required Duration: sets the service duration if you select the Yearly/Monthly billing mode. The service duration ranges from one month to three years.

      You can select Auto-renew to automatically renew yearly/monthly resources when they expire.

      • Monthly: Your subscription will be automatically renewed each month.
      • Yearly: Your subscription will be automatically renewed each year.

      For details about auto-renewal, see Auto-Renewal Rules.

    • Quantity: sets the number of ECSs to be created.

      The remaining number of ECSs you are allowed to create is displayed. To ensure effective resource usage, an upper limit is set on the ECSs to be created. If the number of ECSs you need exceeds the maximum number of ECSs you are allowed to create, you can click Increase Quota to apply for a higher quota. You can purchase the ECSs you need after the request is approved.

    • ECS Price: shows the ECS configuration fee.

      For details, click Pricing details.

  3. Read the agreement and select the Agreement option.
  4. Confirm the configuration and click Submit.

    After the ECS is created, it will be started by default.

Follow-up Procedure

  • If your ECS is created using a private image that is created using an external image file, and the ECS has no one-click password reset plug-in installed, it is a good practice to install the password reset plug-in after you log in to the ECS. If your login password is forgotten or expires, you can use the one-click password reset function to set a new password for the ECS.

    For details, see (Optional) Installing the One-Click Password Reset Plug-in on an ECS.