Updated on 2022-08-02 GMT+08:00

Creating File Backups


This section describes how to manually create file backups.

To implement automatic backup, create a policy and apply it to a vault by referring to Creating a Backup Policy. Then, the system will automatically perform backups at the time points specified in the policy.


  • Only backup clients whose Agent status is Normal can be backed up.


  1. Log in to CBR Console.

    1. Log in to the management console.
    2. Click in the upper left corner and select your region and project.
    3. Choose Storage > Cloud Backup and Recovery > File Backups.

  2. Click the File Backup tab and locate the target backup client.
  3. Click Perform Backup in the Operation column. The system automatically creates backups for the files.
  4. On the File Backup tab page, click the name of the target backup client. In the Backup Details area of the displayed page, if the statuses of all generated backups are Available, the backup task is successful.

    If you make changes to a file during the backup, backup of that file may fail. To ensure data integrity, you are advised to wait until the backup task is complete and then change the file and perform a backup again.

    After the backup task is complete, you can restore the file data by referring to Restoring Data Using a File Backup as needed.