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Updated on 2023-04-28 GMT+08:00

How Do I Run a Scrum Project?

This section describes the process of a Scrum project. Different types of work items can be created in a Scrum project, and they are organized in the descending hierarchy: epics > features > stories > tasks. You can specify handlers and workloads, set priorities, and track status and progress of work items.


The following figure shows the basic process of a Scrum project. This process can be repeated for continuous planning and delivery in each sprint.

Table 1 Process description



Create a Scrum project

On the CodeArts homepage, click Create Project. When creating a Scrum project, select Scrum as the project template.

Break down requirements and make planning

On the project details page, choose Work > Plans and make planning using mind maps or Gantt charts based on the project requirements.

Create work items

After planning requirements, choose Work > Work Items to create work items (such as epics, features, stories, or bugs).

Assign work items to project members.

Manage sprints

Plan and manage sprints. On the project details page, choose Work > Sprints and click Create Sprint.

(Optional) Customize workflows

Customize workflows as required.

Organize sprint retrospectives

Review the sprints for improvements.

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