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Related Services

UCS is a unified cluster management platform. Figure 1 shows the relationships between UCS and other services.

Figure 1 Relationships between UCS and other services
Table 1 Relationships between UCS and other services



Related Feature

Cloud Container Engine (CCE)

UCS automatically takes over CCE clusters and provides functions such as application distribution, traffic/data management, and cluster monitoring.

Container cluster

Multi-Cloud Container Platform (MCP)

UCS encapsulates MCP to manage multi-cloud clusters.

Cluster federation

Domain Name Service (DNS)

UCS integrates with DNS to resolve domain names for large-scale traffic governance.

Traffic distribution

Application Service Mesh (ASM)

UCS is backed by ASM to provide non-intrusive service governance.

Service mesh

Operator Service Center (OSC)

UCS builds a unified cloud native ecosystem through OSC to support unified distribution and deployment of cloud native applications.


SoftWare Repository for Container (SWR)

UCS is interconnected with SWR. You can use the images stored in SWR to create containers on UCS.

Image repository