Updated on 2023-04-06 GMT+08:00

TMS and Other Services

  • Services that support central management of tags

    TMS provides central management for all tags of the cloud resources listed in Table 1.

    A cloud service can contain multiple resource types. You can select a resource type as required on the TMS console and manage the tags of this type of resources in a centralized manner.

    Table 1 Services that support TMS


    Resource Type

    VPC Endpoint (VPCEP)

    • VPC endpoint
    • VPC endpoint service

    Elastic Cloud Server (ECS)


    Object Storage Service (OBS)


    Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

    • VPC
    • Subnet

    Elastic IP (EIP)


    Elastic Volume Service (EVS)


    Auto Scaling (AS)

    AS group

    Image Management Service (IMS)

    Private image

    Distributed Cache Service (DCS)

    DCS instance

    Relational Database Service (RDS)

    DB instance

    Document Database Service (DDS)

    DB instance

    Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    • Domain
    • WAF instance
  • Related services
    Table 2 Relationships with other services




    With CTS, you can record operations associated with TMS for later query, audit, and backtrack operations.

    Cloud Trace Service (CTS)

    Key TMS Operations