Updated on 2022-11-18 GMT+08:00

Audit and Logs


Cloud Trace Service (CTS) records operations performed on cloud resources in your account. The operation logs can be used to perform security analysis, track resource changes, perform compliance audits, and locate faults.

ServiceStage operations that can be recorded by CTS. For details, see Enabling CTSEnabling CTS "ServiceStage Operations Supported by CTS" in Enabling CTS.

After you enable CTS and create and configure a tracker, CTS starts to record operations for auditing. For details, see Enabling CTS. After CTS is enabled, you can view Viewing IAM Audit Logs. CTS stores operation logs of the last seven days.

CTS allows you to Configuring Key Event Notifications. You can add high-risk and sensitive operations related to ServiceStage to real-time monitoring of CTS as key operations. When you use ServiceStage, if a key operation in the monitoring list is triggered, CTS records the operation log and sends a notification in real time.


ServiceStage supports the Application Operations Management (AOM) capability. You can view application run logs or view related run logs on the AOM console.

For details, see Configuring Application Log Policies.