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Updated on 2022-11-18 GMT+08:00

Identity Control and Access Control

Identity Authentication

Users can access ServiceStage through its console or RESTful APIs. You can use either of the following authentication methods to call APIs:

  • Token-based authentication: Requests are authenticated using a token. During token-based API authentication, the token is added to requests to get permissions for calling the API.
  • AK/SK authentication: Requests are encrypted using AK/SK pairs. A request must contain a signature value. The signature value is calculated based on the AK/SK of the requester and the specific information carried in the request body. AK/SK authentication is used to authenticate the identity of a request sender. For more information about access keys and how to obtain them, see Access Keys.

Access Control

If you need to assign different permissions to employees in your enterprise to access your ServiceStage resources, Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a good choice for fine-grained permissions management. IAM provides identity authentication, permissions management, and access control, helping you secure access to your resources.

With IAM, you can use your public cloud account to create IAM users for your employees, and assign permissions to the users to control their access to specific resource types. For example, some software developers in your enterprise need to use ServiceStage resources but must not delete them or perform any high-risk operations. To achieve this result, you can create IAM users for the software developers and grant them only the permissions required for using ServiceStage resources.