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Updated on 2022-05-11 GMT+08:00

Web Application Lifecycle Management

Application Scenarios


Web applications are widely used. Enterprise service systems, online store systems, forums, blogs, Wiki systems, and online games may be web applications. Managing the lifecycle of web applications with different technical architectures is one of the main tasks of the enterprise IT department.


Using a unified platform to manage various web applications can greatly reduce workload, improve efficiency, and quickly respond to complex and changeable service requirements.


ServiceStage greatly improves the efficiency of enterprise-level web application development and O&M, making enterprises focus on service innovation. It has the following advantages:

  • Deployment with a few clicks using WAR, JAR, or ZIP packages.
  • One-stop O&M provides various O&M capabilities, such as upgrade, rollback, log, monitoring, and auto scaling.
  • Seamless integration supports seamless integration with cloud services and applications such as ELB, RDS, and DCS.