Updated on 2023-04-23 GMT+08:00


  • High Security

    GaussDB provides a wide range of features to let you enjoy the security of top-level commercial databases at a low cost: dynamic data masking, transparent data encryption (TDE), row-level access control, and Always Encrypted.

  • Comprehensive Tools and Service-oriented Capabilities

    GaussDB can be deployed in the Huawei Cloud for commercial use and can work with ecosystem tools such as Data Replication Service (DRS), and Data Admin Service (DAS) to make database development, O&M, tuning, monitoring, and migration easy.

  • In-House, Full-Stack Development

    Based on the Kunpeng ecosystem, GaussDB performance is always improved to meet ever-increasing demands in different scenarios.

  • Open-Source Ecosystem

    The primary/standby version is available for you to download from the openGauss community.