Updated at: 2022-04-02 GMT+08:00

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Cloud Container Engine (CCE) is a high-performance, scalable container service through which enterprises can build high-reliability containerized applications. With integrated HUAWEI CLOUD network and storage capabilities and support for Kubernetes and Docker, CCE makes it simple to build and manage diverse containerized applications. It also provides various efficient O&M functions such as container fault self-healing, monitoring log collection, and auto scaling.

CCE clusters and other Kubernetes clusters can be added to MCP for unified management.


Elastic Load Balance (ELB) automatically distributes access traffic to multiple Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) to balance the loads. It enhances an application's fault tolerance level and capabilities of providing services.

MCP supports cross-cluster auto scaling policies to balance the pod distribution in each cluster and implement global load balancing. You do not need to worry about horizontal scaling of cluster nodes. MCP automatically scales in or out resources required by applications based on the application load.

You can access a container workload from an external network through an elastic load balancer.