Updated on 2024-03-25 GMT+08:00

Related Services

You can use SMN to receive alarm notifications, IAM service to manage user permissions, and Cloud Trace Service (CTS) to audit user behaviors.

Elastic Cloud Server (ECS)/Bare Metal Server (BMS)

HSS agents can be installed on Huawei Cloud ECSs, BMSs, or third-party servers. You are advised to use Huawei Cloud servers for better and more reliable service experience.

Cloud Container Engine (CCE)

CCE can rapidly build a highly reliable container cluster based on cloud servers and add nodes to the cluster for management. HSS can install Hostguard-agent on the nodes to protect the container applications deployed on them.

CCE is a high-performance, high-reliability service through which enterprises can manage containerized applications. CCE supports native Kubernetes applications and tools, allowing you to easily set up a container runtime environment on the cloud. For more information, see the Container Service User Guide.

Software Repository for Container (SWR)

SWR provides easy, secure, and reliable management over container images throughout their lifecycles, facilitating the deployment of containerized services. For more information, see the Software Repository for Container User Guide. HSS scans for vulnerabilities and configurations in container images to help you detect the container environment that cannot be achieved by traditional security software.

Simple Message Notification (SMN)

SMN is an extensible, high-performance message processing service.

  • To enable alarm notifications, you must configure SMN first.
  • After the SMN is enabled, you will receive alarm notifications sent from HSS if your server is attacked or have high risks detected.
  • On the Alarm Notification tab, you can configure Daily Alarm Notification and Real-Time Alarm Notification as required.

For details about SMN, see Simple Message Notification User Guide.

Identity and Access Management

IAM is a free identity management service that can implement refined user permission isolation and control based on user identities. It is the basic permission management service and can be used free of charge.

For details about IAM, see Identity and Access Management User Guide.

Cloud Trace Service (CTS)

CTS is a professional log audit service that records user operations in HSS. You can use the records for security analysis, compliance auditing, resource tracking, and fault locating. It is the basic log management service and can be used free of charge.

For details about CTS, see Cloud Trace Service User Guide.