Updated on 2024-02-02 GMT+08:00


HSS helps you manage and maintain the security of all your servers and reduce common risks.

Centralized Management

You can check for and fix a range of security issues on a single console, easily managing your servers.

  • You can install the agent on Huawei Cloud ECSs, BMSs, on-premises servers, and third-party cloud servers in the same region to manage them all on a single console.
  • On the security console, you can view the sources of server risks in a region, handle them according to displayed suggestions, and use filter, search, and batch processing functions to quickly analyze the risks of all servers in the region.

All-Round Protection

HSS protects servers against intrusions by prevention, defense, and post-intrusion scan.

Lightweight Agent

The agent occupies only a few resources, not affecting server system performance.


  • The third-generation web anti-tampering technology and kernel-level event triggering technology are used. Files in user directories can be locked to prevent unauthorized tampering.
  • The tampering detection and recovery technologies are used. Files modified only by authorized users are backed up on local and remote servers in real time, and will be used to recover tampered websites (if any) detected by HSS.