Updated on 2022-12-19 GMT+08:00

Related Services

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

    RocketMQ instances run in VPCs and use the IP addresses and bandwidth of VPC. Security groups of VPCs enhance the security of network access to the instances.

  • Cloud Eye

    Cloud Eye is an open platform that provides monitoring, alarm reporting, and alarm notification on your resources in near real time.

  • Cloud Trace Service (CTS)

    Cloud Trace Service (CTS) generates traces to provide you with a history of operations performed on cloud service resources. The traces include operation requests sent using the Huawei Cloudmanagement console or open APIs, as well as the operation results. You can view all generated traces to query, audit, and backtrack performed operations.

  • Elastic Cloud Server (ECS)

    An ECS is a basic computing unit that consists of vCPUs, memory, OS, and EVS disks. RocketMQ instances run on ECSs. A broker corresponds to an ECS.

  • Elastic Volume Service (EVS)

    EVS provides block storage services for ECSs. All RocketMQ data, such as messages, metadata, and logs, is stored in EVS disks.

  • Elastic IP (EIP)

    The EIP service provides independent public IP addresses and bandwidth for Internet access. RocketMQ instances bound with EIPs can be accessed over public networks.

  • Tag Management Service (TMS)

    TMS is a visualized service for fast and unified cross-region tagging and categorization of cloud services.

    Tags facilitate RocketMQ instance identification and management.