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What Is GaussDB(for MySQL)?

Updated at: Jan 19, 2021 GMT+08:00

GaussDB(for MySQL) is an enterprise-class distributed database and fully compatible with MySQL. It uses a decoupled compute and storage architecture and supports up to 128 TB of storage. With GaussDB(for MySQL), there is no need to deal with sharding, and no need to worry about data loss. It combines the performance and availability of commercial databases with the cost-effectiveness of open source databases.

DB Engines and Versions lists the versions supported by GaussDB(for MySQL).

Using GaussDB(for MySQL)

You can use GaussDB(for MySQL) in the following ways:

Management console: You can create and manage GaussDB(for MySQL) DB instances on the web-based management console.

To help you better use GaussDB(for MySQL), see What Is GaussDB(for MySQL)? and Basic Concepts.

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