Updated on 2024-07-11 GMT+08:00


Preferential Policies

We have arranged preferential pricing in the following scenarios:

  • Real-time migration tasks (to the cloud) are free of the configuration fee in the first seven days, lowering your costs for migrating data to the cloud.
  • Real-time migration and synchronization tasks will provide long-term discounts, lowering your costs for data transfers.

Billing Standards

Table 1 Pay-per-use pricing details



Configuration fee (mandatory)

Configuration fees are generated when you use computing and storage resources and process data. You are charged for a full hour regardless of whether you use the full or partial hour.

EIP fee (optional)

Data processing and data traffic fees generated by public network access. To create a task through a public network, you need to purchase an EIP.

For details about the DRS configuration fee, see Product Pricing Details. You can use the price calculator provided by DRS to quickly calculate the reference price based on the required specifications.