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Updated at: Jan 25, 2021 GMT+08:00

Distributed Database Middleware (DDM) is a database middleware service (to be developed into a distributed relational database service) that is compatible with MySQL licenses. It uses a storage-compute decoupled architecture that makes it easy to scale out compute and storage resources to handle a huge number of concurrent requests.

How DDM Works

DDM is scalable in concurrency, computing, and data storage, freeing you from worrying about scalability and O&M issues as your services grow.

Figure 1 Connection diagram


DDM is highly scalable, easy to use, quick to deploy, and cost-effective and can deliver high performance.

  • Highly scalable
    • Provides automatic horizontal sharding.
    • Allows you to change your instance class within minutes.
    • Allows you to add instance nodes without impacts on applications.
    • Allows you to add DB instances with minimal downtime.
  • Easy to use
    • Compatible with MySQL licenses, syntax, and clients.
    • Makes it easy to import data and migrate databases to the cloud.
    • Splits read and write requests with no need to modify service code.
  • Quick to deploy

    DDM instances are easy to deploy online. This shortens project cycles and helps migrate your services to the cloud. You do not need to purchase, deploy, or configure a DDM instance as you do for a self-built database.

  • Cost-effective

    DDM provides stable performance, comprehensive O&M, and excellent technical support. With these advantages, it is actually more cost-effective than open-source products. Different instance classes are available, so there is always a choice well suited to your specific needs.

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