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Updated on 2022-11-08 GMT+08:00

What Is DataArts Studio?

Challenges to Enterprise Digital Transformation

Enterprises often face challenges in the following aspects when managing data:

  • Governance
    • Inconsistent data system standards impact data exchange and sharing between different departments.
    • There are no great search tools to help service personnel locate the data they need when they need it.
    • If metadata fails to define data in business terms that are familiar to data consumers, the data is difficult to understand.
    • When there are no good methods to evaluate and control data quality, it makes the data hard to trust.
  • Operations
    • Data analysts and decision makers require efficient data operations. There is no efficient data operations platform to address the growing and diversified demands for analytics and reporting.
    • Repeated development of the same data wastes time, slows down development, and results in too many data copies. Inconsistent data standards waste resources and drive up costs.
  • Innovation
    • Data silos prevent data from being shared and circulated across departments in enterprises. As a result, cross-domain data analysis and data innovation fail to be stimulated.
    • Currently, most enterprises still utilize their data for analytics and reporting. There is a long way to go before enterprises have widespread, data-driven service innovation.

What Is DataArts Studio?

DataArts StudioDataArts Studio is a one-stop data operations platform that drives digital transformation. It allows you to perform many operations, such as integrating and developing data, designing data architecture, controlling data quality, managing data assets, creating data services, and ensuring data security. Incorporating big data storage, computing and analytical engines, it can also construct industry knowledge bases and help your enterprise build an intelligent end-to-end data system. This system can eliminate data silos, unify data standards, accelerate data monetization, and accelerate your enterprise's digital transformation.

Figure 1 shows the architecture.

Figure 1 Architecture

As shown in the figure, DataArts Studio is based on the data lake base and provides capabilities such as data integration, development, governance, and openness. DataArts Studio can connect to HUAWEI CLOUD data lakes and cloud database services, such as MRS Hive and GaussDB(DWS). These data lakes and cloud database services are used as the data lake base. DataArts Studio can also connect to traditional enterprise data warehouses, such as Oracle and Greenplum.

DataArts Studio consists of the following functional modules:

  • Management Center

    Management Center supports data connection management and connects to the data lake base for activities such as data developmentand data governance.

  • DataArts Migration

    DataArts Migration supports data migration between 20+ data sources and integration of data sources into the data lake. It provides wizard-based configuration and management and supports single table, entire database, incremental, and periodic data integration.

  • DataArts Architecture

    DataArts Architecture helps you plan the data architecture, customize models, unify data standards, visualize data modeling, and label data. DataArts Architecture defines how data will be processed and utilized to solve business problems and enables you to make informed decisions.

  • DataArts Factory

    DataArts Factory helps you build a big data processing center, create data models, integrate data, develop scripts, and orchestrate workflows.

  • DataArts Quality

    DataArts Quality monitors the data quality in real time with data lifecycle management and generates real-time notifications on abnormal events.

  • DataArts Catalog

    DataArts Catalog provides enterprise-grade metadata management to help you better know your data assets. A data map shows the lineage of your data and allows you to have a global view of your data assets. Data search, operations, and monitoring are smarter than before.

  • DataArts DataService

    DataArts DataService is a platform where you can develop, test, and deploy your data services. It ensures agile response to data service needs, easier data retrieval, better experience for data consumers, higher efficiency, and better monetization of data assets.

  • DataArts Security

    DataArts Security discovers sensitive data; grades, classifies, and protects your data; implements access control; encrypts data during transmission and storage; identifies data risks. DataArts Security is an efficient tool to establish a security risk warning mechanism and improve your enterprise's overall data protection capability, making your data more secure and accessible.