Updated on 2022-11-15 GMT+08:00

Service Resilience

Huawei Cloud data centers are deployed around the world. All data centers are running properly. Data centers in two cities are deployed as disaster recovery center for each other. If a data center in city A is down, the data center in city B automatically takes over the job and serves your applications and data in compliance with the regulations to ensure service continuity. In order to minimize the service interruptions caused by hardware failures, natural disasters, or other disastrous events, Huawei Cloud provides a DR plan for all data centers:

CFW has high availability, fault tolerance, and scalability. If a fault occurs, the five-level reliability architecture of CFW supports different levels of reliability.

CFW is available worldwide and is deployed in multiple AZs. With management planes, engines, and other components of CFW deployed in active/standby or cluster mode, CFW itself is stable enough. For details about its deployment, see Regions and Endpoints.