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  • A vault can be associated with only one backup policy.
  • A vault can be associated with a maximum of 256 resources.
  • A maximum of 32 backup policies can be created.
  • Only the backups in a vault whose status is Available or Locked can be used for data restoration.
  • Backups in a vault whose status is Deleting cannot be deleted.
  • Backups cannot be downloaded to a local PC or uploaded to OBS.
  • A vault and its associated servers or disks must be in the same region.
  • Concurrent data restoration is currently not supported.

Cloud Disk Backup

  • Only disks in the Available or In-use state can be backed up.
  • Disks cannot be created in batches using backups.
  • A new disk must be at least as large as the backup's source disk.
  • Extreme SSD disks cannot be backed up.

Cloud Server Backup

  • Shared disks on a server can be backed up, but there can be no more than 10 shared disks.
  • Only the backups in a vault whose status is Available or Locked can be used to create images.
  • Crash-consistent backup for multiple disks and application-consistent backup for database servers are supported.
  • You can choose to back up only specified disks on a server but such a backup of disks must be restored as a whole. File- or directory-level restoration is not supported.
  • Images cannot be created using backups if the amount of resources associated with a server backup vault exceeds the quota.
  • You are not advised to back up a server whose disk size exceeds 4 TB.

SFS Turbo Backup

  • Only file systems in the Available state can be backed up.
  • An SFS Turbo file system backup cannot be used to restore data to the original file system.

Hybrid Cloud Backup

  • Backups synchronized to the cloud cannot be used to create cloud servers.
  • Storage backups can only be restored to data disks on cloud servers.

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