Updated on 2023-04-20 GMT+08:00

Application Scenarios

A secure O&M management and audit service is a must-have for any enterprises. CBH is an ideal choice for you. CBH is applicable to various O&M scenarios of enterprise businesses, especially scenarios involving a large number of enterprise employees, a large amount of complex assets, sophisticated O&M personnel construction and permissions, or diversified O&M patterns.

Strict Compliance Audit

Some enterprises, such as enterprises in the insurance and finance industries, have a large amount of personal information data, financial fund operations, and third-party organization operations. There are big risks of illegal operations, such as violation of regulations and abuse of competence.

CBH gives the ability to those enterprises to establish a sound O&M audit system so that they can comply with industry supervision requirements. With CBH deployed on the cloud, an enterprise can centrally manage accounts and resources, isolate department permissions, configure multi-level review for operations on mission-critical assets, and enable dual-approval for sensitive operations.

Efficient O&M

Some enterprises, such as fast-growing Internet enterprises, have a large amount of sensitive information, such as operations data, exposed on the public networks. Their services are highly open. All these increase data leakage risks.

During the remote O&M, CBH hides the real IP addresses of your assets to protect asset information from disclosure. In addition, CBH provides comprehensive O&M logs to effectively monitor and audit the operations of O&M personnel, reducing network security accidents.

A Large Number of Assets and O&M Staff

As an increasing number of companies move businesses to the cloud, the number of cloud accounts, servers, and network devices also doubles. Many companies outsource system O&M workloads to system suppliers or third-party O&M providers to reduce human resource costs. However, this often involves more than one supplier or agent and increases instability of O&M staff. As a result, risks are increasingly prominent if the monitoring over O&M is not in place.

CBH provides a system to manage a large number of O&M accounts and a wide range of resources in a secure manner. It also allows O&M personnel to access resources using single sign-on (SSO) tools, improving the O&M efficiency. In addition, CBH uses fine-grained permission control so that all operations on a managed resource are recorded and operations of all O&M staff are auditable. Any O&M incidents are traceable, making it easier to locate the operators. Additionally, the CBH system displays the on-going O&M sessions and receives abnormal behavior alarm notifications to ensure that O&M engineers cannot perform unauthorized operations.