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Metrics reflect resource performance data or status. A metric consists of a namespace, dimension, name, and unit.

Metric Namespaces

A namespace is an abstract collection of resources and objects. Metrics in different namespaces are independent of each other so that metrics of different applications will not be aggregated to the same statistics information.

  • Namespaces of system metrics are fixed and started with PAAS.. For details, see Table 1.
    Table 1 Namespaces of system metrics




    Namespace of cluster metrics


    Namespace of host, network, disk, and file system metrics


    Namespace of component, instance, process, and container metrics


    Namespace of SLA metrics

  • Namespaces of custom metrics must be in the XX.XX format. Each namespace must be 3 to 32 characters long, starting with a letter (excluding PAAS., SYS., and SRE.). Only digits, letters, and underscores (_) are allowed.

Metric Dimensions

Metric dimensions indicate the categories of metrics. Each metric has certain features, and a dimension may be considered as a category of such features.

  • Dimensions of system metrics are fixed. Different types of metrics have different dimensions. For details, see Metric Dimensions.
  • Dimensions of custom metrics must be 1 to 32 characters long, which need to be customized.