Updated on 2022-05-09 GMT+08:00

Advanced Anti-DDoS

Advanced Anti-DDoS provides stronger protection from large volumetric DDoS attacks. Protect your servers, even those not deployed on HUAWEI CLOUD, with special, high-defense IP addresses so your services can weather larger and more sophisticated DDoS attacks. Advanced Anti-DDoS gives you security and reliability you can count on.

  • Choose AAD (International) if your servers are deployed outside Chinese Mainland, and choose AAD (Chinese Mainland) if your servers are deployed in the Chinese Mainland.
  • In this document, AAD refers to AAD (International) unless otherwise specified.

How AAD Works

AAD diverts attack traffic targeting your servers to the high-defense IP address with high defense capabilities for scrubbing. AAD scrubs attack traffic in the nearest traffic scrubbing center and forwards the cleansed traffic to its intended destination (the origin server), keeping your service stable.

Figure 1 How AAD works